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Bare with me………..

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trying to add all my work to the website and work on my reel and take care of my kids and work on my house and work on projects and race. Its alot but hopefully it will be up soon! In the mean time if your interested in racing, check out my race blog me and my buddy marlon are big petro headz! oh yea that site is being worked on to! but theres some kool stuff to check out there especially for F1!!

Kris Cabrera

By Under construction

Hello folks! My name is Kris Cabrera, I am a lighting artist based in the greater Los Angeles area. Originally i am from Miami,Fl born and raised. I went to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale were i got a Bachelors in Visual Effects and motion Graphics,not that it really matter in this industry, but i just thought i throw it out there incase someone gets impressed. I wasn’t your usual artist that decided he wanted to do visual effects when he saw Star Wars, it sort of came to me nearing the end of high school. I sat down on the computer one day and decided i wanted to do something that will catch people attention, and what better field than the Movie Industry. I also consider my self a big car fan, i have always been into cars and try to express that car love in my CG. So with that being said check out my work and let me know if i caught your attention. I tend to do alot of photography in my spare time, not professionally i just like to go out and take pixs. My spare time is mostly for my kids and racing, real big fan of F1 and karting. Every time i get a chance i go out and do some races, which got me into doing a GP series over at call speed in fontana. Currently i live in Chino, Ca, not your average artist who lives in LA, but it works better for me and my family out here. So this is what i bring into the CG world, i try to maintain a good flow of personal projects but its very tuff when u have kids, i cant stay in front of the computer till 4am.