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Kris Cabrera

By July 30, 2011August 23rd, 2011Under construction

Hello folks! My name is Kris Cabrera, I am a lighting artist based in the greater Los Angeles area. Originally i am from Miami,Fl born and raised. I went to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale were i got a Bachelors in Visual Effects and motion Graphics,not that it really matter in this industry, but i just thought i throw it out there incase someone gets impressed. I wasn’t your usual artist that decided he wanted to do visual effects when he saw Star Wars, it sort of came to me nearing the end of high school. I sat down on the computer one day and decided i wanted to do something that will catch people attention, and what better field than the Movie Industry. I also consider my self a big car fan, i have always been into cars and try to express that car love in my CG. So with that being said check out my work and let me know if i caught your attention. I tend to do alot of photography in my spare time, not professionally i just like to go out and take pixs. My spare time is mostly for my kids and racing, real big fan of F1 and karting. Every time i get a chance i go out and do some races, which got me into doing a GP series over at call speed in fontana. Currently i live in Chino, Ca, not your average artist who lives in LA, but it works better for me and my family out here. So this is what i bring into the CG world, i try to maintain a good flow of personal projects but its very tuff when u have kids, i cant stay in front of the computer till 4am.






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