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Digital Tutors Course Live!

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Hey guys i was recently approached by the guys over at Digital tutors to create a course based on my vehicle renders. This is my very first tutorial, and a great opportunity to give back to the community! If you guys have a subscription with Digital tutors check it out and lemme know what you think! Read More

3DCreative Magazine Gallery Feature!

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Hey guys i recently had my Peugeot featured in 3Dcreative Magazine under the gallery! Very exciting its my first feature in a magazine! This months issue is out and there alot of amazing work in there and alot of great tips to learn from and alot of great artist to check out!.Make sure you go and get your copy at, and check back soon i will have a short spot for the  Peugeot! oh and make sure you check it out in 2 page spread and show cover page in two page view to get the best visual. You could check out the gallery images in this free gallery snippet 3Dcreative Gallery