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Had a great opportunity to work on some big rigs from Caterpillar! These trucks are big and are very well done! They are launching a new truck line and what better way to showcase them then in CG!I was commissioned ┬áby chicago based company “Oddmachine” to deliver these trucks fully lite and shading for their new promo. These trucks were straight CAD data and were really massive. Spent about 2 weeks prepping these truck to be able to use them efficiently. Truck files alone were about 2 gigs! Also created an environment for them that was then taken forward by the team at Oddmachine. Very excited since it was my first offsite supervision job, and i gotta say with the team over at Oddmachine it went SMOOTH! Software used Maya/Vray/Photoshop.


snowplow_ interior_ CTlowboy CT681_cementmixer_2 interior_2





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