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Hey guy i thought i would give a little something back for everything i have gotten from the 3d community. I couldnt think of a better model than a tire. Its one of those models that seem very easy but it takes quite a bit to get her looking good, so here is a Michelin Pilot Sport 3 that i will be including the sidewall texture.I also UVED this model in sections, meaning the front sidewall and the back sidewall and the center of the tire are all in separate UV tiles in order to get the maximum resolution out of the textures, incase you wanna go all out(macro stuff). Included also in the Zip will be the sidewall texture. Wheel lighting and shading will not be included. File formats: FBX,Maya 2011,Max2013. Feel free to ask any questions about the UV tiles if you have a hard time setting that up, or if you need another file format. Hope you like it Enjoy!


I did forget to mention what tiles i was using for the sidewall, which are u1-v0 for the inside sidewall and u2-v0 for the outside sidewall. If you get lost download the little tutorial in the link below, and if you still dont get it dont hesitate to email me!

Michelin Pilot Sport 3







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