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Hey guys thought i post up some recent work i did on a pilot. As always time was a crunch for this pilot so they commissioned me to get this out as quick as possible.

I had a chance to work with a good friend of mines which is a great animator Steward Burris, me and him were able to knock out these 3 shots for a pilot for a British T.V show. Steward took care of all the animation, while i took care of  lighting, shading, and rendering. I also had the opportunity to comp these shots which was awesome. We also had the help of our friend Fabio for tracking. We basically had to get these 3 shots tracked, animated,shaded, lite and comped within a period of 4 weeks. It was 4 weeks of long hours and hard work. But in the end it all worked out and we pulled it of. Although sometimes all the hard work you put into shots might not be aired, which in our case it happened. But it was a good long haul for me as i had the chance to comp some professional work which i never had the chance to. So it has opened new doors for me which is great.  The shots consist of some veins that were growing on a girls back, all part of a scientific experiment. Here a couple screen shots.


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